2014-11-13 10:23:04

"Children are a nations greatest asset and our most prized treasure."     Christopher Dodd

They represent the bright future of a country, they are the foundation of life. Children cannot develop to be responsible and productive members of society unless an environment conducive to social, physical and mental health is assured. A neglect on these parameters means a loss to society as a whole. Just as a plant needs protection, nourishment and proper environment to grow into a big fruit bearing tree, a child also needs protection, promotion, nourishment and proper environment to grow into a responsible and contributing citizen.

To ensure the wholesome development of their personality, children need to be looked after and groomed not only with constitutional provisions but with warm human touch and geniuine concern.

The future of a nation is intrinsically linked to the status of the child and it is our obligation and duty as a society towards them.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"- Frederick Douglass

On this Chidren's Day, Team SGStore invites the people of India to help build an environment conducive for the physical and social well being of the future youth of our nation.