2014-12-31 11:51:32

Wonderful Gifts you can give yourselves.

This New Year stop devoting much thought and time thinking gifts for other people. Start thinkink about gifts you can give yourself. These would be more valuable than anyting you can purchase.

The Special Gifts:

1)  Exercise: To make you healthier, live longer and feel more alert.

2)  Yoga : To add a zing to your step and make your muscles shed their laziness.

3) Meditation : For a peaceful mind, calm demeanour and heightened awareness.

4) Gift of Learning : To keep you younger and more interested in life.

5) Reading : Give this Gift not only to yourself but also your children.

6) Smiling : To make that big difference in your life.

7) Empathy : To broaden your world.

8) Tolerance: The gift of Bridge between 'ours' and 'others'.

9) Personal Hygiene : Brushing, Washing hands and everything that matters that can impact your genereal well being.

10) Concern for your Environment : This gift will not only improve your life but will gift your children a better world.