2015-04-02 08:23:17

Hello guys and gals,

The skin generally, all parts of the body requires daily care. Should be washed, exfoliated and moisturized, and this is not different with men. If you have not  a habit to care about of your face  skin, know that your face is your calling card! and it deserves cares.

The skin cares, especially the face, have benefits for both women and men in several aspect. Is to prevent excess of oils, appearance of blackheads or pimples. For this, it is worth to take some basic precautions to avoid these problems and leave your skin more soft and hydrated.

Exfoliation is a cosmetic technique that aims to induce a natural process which already occurs in our skin: peeling and removal of dead cells. It is a simple process that can be performed at home with industrialized creams, or prepared from natural ingredients by yourself!

The movements should be circular and not  aggressive, because the intention is not to hurt your skin, but remove the dirt, pollution waste, excess of oils, dead cells and microscopic dead skin !

Beauticians recommend basic instructions in daily care  - cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising.

The Body Scrub from Natural Beauty Essentials is filled with the goodness of Almonds and Walnuts that gently exfoliates leaving your skin radiating, supple and soft.

Almonds & Walnuts for your skin, body and soul:

Almonds are packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamin E which help remove dirt and grime from your skin, moisturising your skin at the same time without leaving a greasy residue.

Walnuts can assist your skin to look a healthy and attractive. Walnut turns out to be a gentle exfoliant to get rid of skin dead cells, making it more radiant and clean.


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